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   5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Landscaping Dollars
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When it comes to home landscaping you want to make the most of the your money. Various landscaping companies will offer you different landscaping solutions for your backyard and it is best to compare their quotes and suggestions to get the landscape design that suits your property and fits your budget. There are great advantages to hiring a professional landscape designer for your yard. It really is worth the money. These pros have the education, training and experience that can make all the difference in your landscape. Take advantage of their expertise and make the most of your landscaping dollars!
Make the most of your Landscaping Dollars with the help of Renovation Experts!
Consider the following 5 ways to make the most of your landscaping dollars:
  • 1) Make Use of What you Already Have
  • 2) Solutions for Too Much Noise and a Lack of Privacy
  • 3) Small Yard Solutions
  • 4) Stay Away From Landscaping that Demands a lot of Maintenance
  • 5) Have an Irrigation System Installed

1) Make Use of What you Already Have

Instead of ripping up everything that you currently have in your garden, landscaping companies try to make use of what you already have. Sometimes they can leave certain trees and plants right where they are. Other times they need to transplant or move plants into more ideal locations. Plants need to be in locations that are ideal for them in terms of the amount of sun or shade they will be getting. Additionally, they need to be aesthetically placed for harmony and balance as part of an over all landscape plan.

Even larger trees can be relocated with the help of a tree-spading truck. The experience that landscape professionals have can keep these plants alive and make the best of what is already there.

Make Use of the Landscaping You Already Have

2) Solutions for Too Much Noise and a Lack of Privacy

If you live in a busy neighborhood, or your property borders a school, a noisy parking lot or high traffic streets you may be looking for more privacy and a little peace and quiet. There are viable landscaping solutions for these problems as well. The first problem it address is often privacy. Fences can provide instant privacy by cutting off sight lines to your yard, they also become the "walls" of your outdoor living spaces. Look for fence materials that will visually add to your landscaping, provide a sound barrier and suit the level of privacy that you desire.

A great defense against noise is when thick shrubs are used to enclose a private garden. They not only provide privacy, but they also serve to block and absorb excess noise. Offensively speaking, adding a water feature, like a fountain or a waterfall, will muffle sounds with a soothing "white sound". You garden can also be equipped with speakers to play enjoyable background music.

Thick Shrubs act as a Sound Barrier in Noisy Neighborhoods.

3) Small Yard Solutions

Careful landscape planning is even more vital with small backyards or tiny front yards! Your landscaper can use the tricks of the trade to help you maximize your yard space.

Their landscaping plan will be able to work overtime in terms of function as well, allowing you to utilize the space for relaxing, dinning and entertaining. This is accomplished by defining zones for seating and furniture with decking or patio materials like flagstone, patio stone or stamped concrete.

Landscaping contractors can help you plan ahead, realizing a garden that fits your space even after it matures! They can install the perfect combination of hardscape along with the right mix of trees, plants, shrubs and flowers to create interesting focal points, attractive privacy screening and cool outdoor living rooms.

Solutions for Small Yards!

4) Stay Away From Landscaping that Demands a lot of Maintenance

Your professional landscape designer wants you to be able to enjoy your yard for years to come. They realize that this means making it as easy as possible for you to maintain, or it will end up being uncared for and eventually dying.

To make your landscaping low-maintenance a landscaper looks for species of plants and flowers that will come back on their own every year. This means using ones that are native to your climate and area. By selecting and planting the right species your landscaping can virtually look after itself. Get help creating an undemanding landscape today.

Look for Low-Maintencance Landcape Solutions.

5) Have an Irrigation System Installed

Once you have invested in professional landscaping you want to keep it alive. A sprinkler system that is programmed for the needs of your yard and gardens conservers resources and keeps plants living - which makes the most out of your hard earned money.

Water sensors can even detect whether or not it has rained, which in turn allows the system to come on only when it is needed. This conserves water saving you even more. A water sprinkler also makes your garden more low-maintenance which saves you time and energy and provides you with more time to enjoy your landscaping.

Have Contractors install a Sprinkler System for your Landscaping!
Whatever your landscaping needs, we can help you get free quotes from talented landscaping contractors in your area. When it comes to truly improving your curb appeal and home value it really pays to get a professional landscaper! Find out more about landscaping services today!