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More and more households are renovating a room in their home to accommodate their sports and game viewing pleasures. Whether you are turning a bonus room or basement into gaming central, there are a few things not to overlook before you begin the renovation work. Just as in games, proper planning can positively affect the end result.

When designing your gaming room, have reasonable estimates about how many people will be watching a game at any given time. With this number in mind, you will need to lay out the appropriate number of seats accordingly. Each seat should have an unobstructed view of a television and a place to set down refreshments. Stadium seating, bar stools, and additional chairs can all be used to provide the seating you need.

Internet Access
Many fans like to access the internet during commercials or in between games. Having an internet-ready computer available to all is a welcome addition. You can keep up with your fantasy teams, check all the stats, and get insider information on your favorite players. Your guests will enjoy this information ready room and know they are not missing out on a thing.

Everyone enjoys refreshments while watching the game. When planning your sports room renovation you should consider what type of refreshments will generally be served and how to accommodate them. In addition to a bar area where food plates can be laid out, consider storage and heating of items. Small microwave drawers, ice chests, mini refrigerators, keg refrigerators and wine chillers can all be designed into a bar area. You may also want to consider a dishwasher for easy clean up and a wet bar sink.

Temperature Control
If your sports room will be handling more than a few people, it should have a separate temperature controller. This room will easily be warmer than the rest of the home with all the activity. In wintertime you may want to be able to warm it up quickly before Sunday's big game. Having a separate air conditioner and electric heater is all you need to handle the temperature demands.

Bathroom Access
Don't overlook a bathroom within close range when planning your sports room renovation. You will not want guests trudging through your home looking for a bathroom. If there is not a bathroom close to your sports room, consider installing a small half bath. A sink, mirror, and commode is all you need to accommodate your fans. You may consider hanging a small flat screen television on the wall so your guests don't miss the action.

A final component of renovating your sports room is soundproofing. Depending on where the room is located, you may be subjecting other members of your household or your neighbors to unwanted noise. Consider added insulation in the walls of your game room. Remember that carpet and window treatments will also help absorb sound.