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Roofing is a job better left to the professionals, primarily due to the inherent dangers and problems associated with potential falls, sun and damage resulting from an incorrect installation.
However, if you are determined to install your own shingled roof, here are a few simple tools that can help make that experience a little less stressful, a little more productive and absolutely correct.
When installing a shingled roof, the manufacturer will have some basic directions on the shingle packaging, urging the use of the shingle bottoms to install a roof.
Today, few roofers utilize this process. Most will snap lines to locate where the shingle tops should be aligned and then place the shingles along those lines for nailing. To remove any human error from that measuring process, Roofing Layout Tapes by THOR Systems, Inc. of Kingston, PA, USA are recommended.
Roofer installing shingles on a new roof installation through Renovation Experts contractor matching serviceSimply fold the tape at the "Eave Start Here" mark, forming a clip on a tape measure, which is then placed on the drip edge at one side of the roof line. The tape, which is a disposable unit, is then nailed or stapled permanently to the roof, from eave to peak.
This process is then repeated on the other side of the roof, thus providing all of the required markings for the tops of the shingles with computer accuracy. These tapes also provide a built-in, 3/8" shingle overhang of the drip edge, without any manual measurements.
Classical Chinese roofing completed through our home improvement contractors at Renovation Experts . comOnce the lines have been snapped across the roof from eave to peak, the actual installation of a perfect roof has been formatted and ready for execution. Remember, every other course of shingles must be offset by six inches to provide the overlap needed to eliminate leakage, which is also laid out by the THOR Tapes.
Simple, fast and accurate shingled roofing installations are now made possible with these new roofing tools. The garage roof above took two men two hours to install the felt and shingles!