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You've decided that the "vintage" look your bathroom has just isn't doing it for you anymore. Out with the old and in with the new, all with the help of a renovation contractor. And while your contractor is working on your bathroom, it's up to you to be a good client and work with your contractor.

Make sure you communicate openly and regularly with your contractor. Inform them of decisions or changes you have made regarding your bathroom renovation. If you notice that the wrong fixtures were ordered, or the wall color isn't what you asked for, let the contractor know! If you have a set schedule you must follow, or a scheduling conflict, try to let your contractor know in advance. The best way to ensure everything goes as planned is to get everything in writing. But don't just limit your conversation to the negative. Let your contractor know if you're pleased with the job they're doing too!

Your bathroom should be your own private oasis; "private" being the keyword. If you live in a one-bathroom household, you may need to make some type of arrangement with the contractor and their helpers if you need to use the restroom while they are working. Sometimes, this just won't be possible (for instance if your toilet is being replaced). In these cases, you'll need to make prior arrangements, whether it's renting a portable bathroom or getting permission to use a friendly or helpful neighbor's bathroom. But don't just think of yourself here, the contractor and helpers will need access to a restroom as well.

Being a great client can certainly help the renovation process along. Before workers arrive, clear your bathroom of items that could get in the way of work. For instance, if you're having your cabinets replaced, empty out your current cabinets. If you have old rags or t-shirts, you can keep them handy for workers to wipe their hands on, or wipe paint or caulk off of their clothes. Laying carpet scraps or old towels down in a pathway from your bathroom door to the front door can also minimize cleanup during and after the renovation. If you want to reach "super client" status, provide workers with breakfast in the morning (everyone loves doughnuts!) or order a pizza for them at lunchtime.

By Alicia Rowe